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Milliseconds has custom developed software, Milliseconds Pro, created by our own staff. Timing software written by people who actually time races. This allows us to be extremely flexible in the way we produce results. With a little advance notice, we can customize things to your specification. Milliseconds Pro is also for sale, please contact us for details.


The AMB ChipX system is designed to time multiple types of active sports with the same equipment. Whether you produce triathlons, running races, road or mountain bike races, skating or cross-country skiing events, the ChipX timing system will provide the highest level of accuracy and reliability in operation. The ProChip transponder is worn on a neoprene ankle strap or can be mounted directly on a bicycle for cycling races. Since each chip features a unique ID number, the system can track an unlimited number of participants. The system is capable of handling passings of a large number of racers each second over a 12m (39ft) wide start line, split point, or finish line. Needless to say, mass starts are not a problem with the ChipX system. ProChips feature an internal battery which assists in the transmission of the unique ID.