Plutonium Man Triathlon


PlBibName RepresentingAge Division Interval TimeTime BackTotal Time
11082 HIGH GEAR/GREENIES RB. Vickery, S. Hanson, L. PapenfussOpen Relay00:57:03.400+0:0001:08:26.4
21085 ONE LUNG, RECKLESS &L. Djang, J. Burke, G. BuchkoOpen Relay00:57:27.600+0:24.201:11:27.3
31078 BY THE POWER OF 3!A. Stites, J. Devere, J. NeewayOpen Relay00:58:28.100+1:24.701:10:54.5
41084 M CUBEDM. Weig, B. Moreno, M. YoungOpen Relay01:00:59.200+3:55.801:17:46.9
51077 TWO KIDS AND A GEEZEB. Johnson, J. Johnson, A. WorrellCo-Ed Relay01:02:55.600+5:52.201:18:02.5
61089 THE HIGH GEAR LAND SP. Withers, L. StitesOpen Relay01:10:08.100+13:04.701:22:31.4
71086 PATMANE. Stout, P. LeeOpen Relay01:10:10.100+13:06.701:23:14.1
81076 TWISTED BLISTERC. Loera, K. Claybrook, C. PaxtonCo-Ed Relay01:10:55.800+13:52.401:25:11.1
91081 HAZMATSZ. Scrimsher, J. HeinemanOpen Relay01:15:05.300+18:01.901:32:27.6
101083 LEAGUE OF AWESOMER. Luongo, C. Bennett, B. IrishOpen Relay01:15:33.500+18:30.101:31:25.4
111074 TRI HARDERS. Steckler, P. Steckler, C. BurkeCo-Ed Relay01:18:13.800+21:10.401:33:10.4
121087 POWELL/EDLERC. Powell, B. EdlerOpen Relay01:19:51.800+22:48.401:40:04.6
131088 SINTAY/CLAYBROOKS. Sintay, P. ClaybrookOpen Relay01:20:28.700+23:25.301:36:09.6
141093 POWELL, CHANJ. CHAN, S. CHAN, S. POWELLCo-Ed Relay01:22:51.500+25:48.101:43:34.5
151075 TWIN NEWCSL. Newcomb, C. NewcombCo-Ed Relay01:23:40.700+26:37.301:42:42.5
161080 DIETERJOEJ. Francik, D. OlsonOpen Relay01:27:48.700+30:45.301:42:51.3
171079 CARELLEMIAHM. Froh, C. Pitkin Jones, J. NewellOpen Relay01:28:18.900+31:15.501:43:33.3
181072 LAB RATSS. Johnson, N. CramerCo-Ed Relay01:32:15.400+35:12.001:50:15.7
191071 DALGLEISHS. Dalgleish, A. Dalgleish, E. DalgleishCo-Ed Relay01:36:29.400+39:26.001:55:35.8