Coeur d Alene Triathlon and Duathlon


PlBibName RepresentingAge Division Interval TimeTime BackTotal Time
1403 LOUSY BUMSB. Brazier, S. JosephOlympic M Relay00:25:47.7+0:0000:25:47.7
2415 LIDDICOAT/BECKR. Liddicoat, K. BeckOlympic Mixed Relay00:29:16.5+3:28.800:29:16.5
3131 THE SMITHSL. Smith, S.SmithOlympic Mixed Relay00:30:23.3+4:35.600:30:23.3
4404 PHYSICS BITCHESM. Clark, L. Swingrover, J. WrightOlympic M Relay00:30:27.8+4:40.100:30:27.8
5409 SLCJ. Collins, K. Lunde, B. SjostromOlympic F Relay00:31:40.4+5:52.700:31:40.4
6414 TRI-ED AND BACK FORB. Boodel, L. Jones, M. McconnaugheyOlympic F Relay00:34:36.0+8:48.300:34:36.0
7402 INTERSTATE CONCRETEB. Dagon, J. Johnston, J. ShieldsOlympic M Relay00:34:48.8+9:01.100:34:48.8
8411 THE IMMINENT STINKBUJ. Neuenschwander, K. Neuenschwander, S. NeuenschwanderOlympic Mixed Relay00:35:19.7+9:32.000:35:19.7
9406 REESES PIECESJ. Reese, K. ReeseOlympic F Relay00:36:15.8+10:28.100:36:15.8
10412 TOUCH OF GREYJ. Inahara, M. Lee, D. WineingerOlympic Mixed Relay00:38:00.5+12:12.800:38:00.5
11405 RACECO DIRTY QUARTERK. Boercker, A. Boodel, R. WeeksOlympic M Relay00:39:22.0+13:34.300:39:22.0
12401 HEARTS IN ITH. Goldberg, J. JosephOlympic Mixed Relay00:40:13.9+14:26.200:40:13.9
13410 TEAM COLAHOJ. Wayman, K. WaymanOlympic F Relay00:42:04.6+16:16.900:42:04.6
14408 SLACK ATTACKEDH. Case, C. Johnston, J. SlackOlympic Mixed Relay00:51:48.2+26:00.500:51:48.2