Rage in the Sage MTB Duathlon


PlBibName RepresentingAge Division Interval TimeTime BackTotal Time
11006 HIGH GEAR JUNIOR TURL. Stites, C. GlissmeyerCo-Ed Relay Team00:00:16.000+0:0001:15:10.7
21009 MAGGIE AND GREGS EXCM. Jones, G. TurpenCo-Ed Relay Team00:00:16.100+0:00.100:48:23.6
31005 HIGH GEAR JUNIOR SPEL. Stites, M. WrightCo-Ed Relay Team00:00:17.200+0:01.100:57:21.8
41012 BLAZING MORMONSL. Linde, J. ChanOpen Relay Team00:00:18.400+0:02.301:02:16.2
51010 314159F. Glasgow, S. BarcusOpen Relay Team00:00:18.500+0:02.401:35:14.8
61003 HANSEN RANDYR. Hansen, C. HansenCo-Ed Relay Team00:00:19.600+0:03.501:10:22.4
71004 HIGH GEAR SENIORSA. StitesCo-Ed Relay Team00:00:20.600+0:04.500:54:54.1
81014 TNTT. Barcus, T. GlasgowFemale Relay Team00:00:22.000+0:05.901:27:24.0
91007 HIGH GEAR AQUATICSB. Vickery, T. BissonCo-Ed Relay Team00:00:22.300+0:06.201:05:34.0
101002 CHERIETERRYT. Laney, C. SonodaCo-Ed Relay Team00:00:24.300+0:08.201:08:54.5
111008 COUGSJ. Foraker, J. LasaterCo-Ed Relay Team00:00:26.200+0:10.101:10:08.2
121013 CORK CHASERSC. Coston, K. CoffeyFemale Relay Team00:00:27.800+0:11.701:33:57.8
131011 BROTHERS FROM ANOTHEC. Powell, G. MoralesOpen Relay Team00:00:28.300+0:12.201:11:45.4
141015 TAUTY TIGERSA. Fielding, T. RyanFemale Relay Team00:00:29.400+0:13.301:23:41.2